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Converter programs - ChcConverter and NefConverter


ChcConverter is a program to convert clockwise chain-code to counter-clockwise chain-code, and vise versa (counter-clockwise to clockwise). NefConverter is a program to convert clockwise EFDs (i.e., EFDs derived from clockwise chain-code) to converted counter counter-clockwise EFDs (i.e., EFDs derived from counter-clockwise chain-code), and vice versa.
These programs are developed for bridging between data obtained by SHAPE ver.1.2 and ones obtained by SHAPE ver.1.3. Chain-code and EFD data obtained by SHAPE ver.1.2 are clockwise because of the bug found in SHAPE ver.1.2, although they are expected to be counter-clockwise in general. Since the bug has been fixed in SHAPE ver.1.3, chain-code and EFD data obtained by SHAPE ver.1.3 are counter-clockwise. No serious problem will occur in shape analyses, if all analyzed data are obtained by the same version of SHAPE (ver.1.2 or ver.1.3). The serious artifact, however, should occur in the analyses, if data obtained by the different versions of SHAPE (ver.1.2 and ver.1.3) are analyzed JOINTLY! Thus, it is necessary to align the contour-trace direction of all analyzed data before conducting the JOINT ANALYSIS. The program ChcConverter and NefConverter are developed for aligning clockwise data (i.e., data obtained by SHAPE ver.1.2) to counter-clockwise data (i.e., data obtained by SHAPE ver.1.3).


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